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BoldEndeavors is truly a labor of love, an incredibly enjoyable way to spend my free time.

We are, as the name implies, bold. We fearlessly attack challenges and turn them into wins for our clients. We believe that knowledge and expertise to be shared.

More recently we have had a lot of inquiries into our marketing and social media capabilities. What started as a favor volunteering to help a friend and their small business turned into an entire line of service. Further evidence of how when you concentrate on what you are passionate about and help others with their passions the universe has a way of making it work out for everyone. 

In a recent leadership event, we went around the room after each participant had just reviewed the expansive toolbox of skills they have to offer, the question was essentially what are you going to do now? Folks stated everything from applying skills to their next to a role in a new organization - all accurate answers. I literally couldn't envision another answer, all I could think of was "share". From my perspective what good is it to amass such knowledge and success if you don't share it with others?

Personally, I have been very fortunate in my life, I can look back over a wealth of experiences in a diversity of business sectors (healthcare, law, engineering); working as a clinician in a hospital, a debt collections manager and then progressing from entry-level IT programming to today in the highest executive roles in information technology. 

Some people golf, some people knit, I build and fix businesses and projects. It gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction and, ironically to some, is what I do to relax.

Having run my own business (more than once actually), I guess that entrepreneurial bug just never leaves you. While the public sector and corporate life some distinct advantages, it just can't compare to the bootstrapping type of excitement that comes from helping someone start a new service line, launch a successful series of events, or start their own small business from scratch. Applying my skills and experience to projects or small businesses directly benefits people - people I come to know and I just love seeing them succeed. I truly believe small and independent businesses are the backbone of our country and I want to do my part to ensure folks succeed. 

So, What Do You Do Exactly?

Well, not to be vague, but that depend on what you need - ironically it is not always what you initially call about. We like to think outside of the box. Essentially, we work with you on your project or initiative. We look at where you are, and where you want to be, what you are trying to achieve. 

We don't take it over and make it ours or stress to you how to accomplish your dreams in our vision.

Instead, we work with you and show you how you can succeed. We make you independent of us in the while working alongside you for the moment.

We don't compete with large consulting firms, we prefer to work with individual projects and/or small to mid-size businesses that need the most help and are often overlooked by the other consultants. We are able to ramp up quickly and can close out just as quickly if needed.

We marry our entrepreneurial ideas with our corporate strategic and operational experience, providing you with the consulting services you need to achieve your dreams.

I have taken on a number of roles over the years and during these times BoldEndeavors often hibernates, but we are always available for a thought provoking discussion to help you propel your goals into a reality.

Please note, in order to avoid any conflicts of interest, Bold Endeavors LLC is not active while I serve in any government roles.